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Connection Exploration

Connection Exploration

How do we relate to each other? Why are we always arguing? Why is it so easy to be with you?

Through this boggy route around your birth chart and another's we will explore the depths of where tensions and harmony manifest between you.

Not solely for romantic compatibility this style of reading works extremely well when looking at connections with: family; friends; work colleagues; as well as matters of love and lust.

*60+ minutes live reading, in-person if local and requested at booking, or via Zoom. Accurate birth details essential for both clients in question. Both of you can attend the reading or just one of you.

*Please specify the following birth details in the notes section at booking your reading: date of birth, time of birth, city of birth.

  • Returns policy

    Full refund available if cancelled within 48 hours of date of scheduled reading. Please email me @ to request either rescheduling or full cancellation.

    No refunds available otherwise.

    Live readings, either in person or via Zoom require a comprehensive level of preparation time along with the live reading itself. If you do not enjoy the reading unfortunately I cannot refund you.

    Occasionally astrologers and clients clash, I will happily refer you on at request.

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