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My Monthly Check-in

My Monthly Check-in

Welcome to your self-discovery check-in! This planetary boarding pass invites you to ascend your unique stairway to the stars with real-time insight and guidance from the cosmos, translated into bite-size, comprehensive, and easy to follow language from Freyja.

Please provide at purchase in the notes/ comments section your: DATE OF BIRTH, TIME OF BIRTH, LOCATION OF BIRTH (NEAREST TOWN OR CITY)

Pair with your digital or physical copy of Astrology Almanac and learn to pilot, navigate and ascend your own vehicle throughout this important epoch in your life.

Investment of £29 for minimum 20 minutes audio or video recording from Freyja @freyja_astrology delivered direct to your email inbox.

For a more in-depth reading please choose Natal chart or Solar return reading available under the 'book now' tab which delivers 60 minutes of live interactive astrology reading online, via Google Meet (like zoom) for which you will receive a date and time that suits you as well as a recording of our session unless you specify not to record (I will confirm with you at the start of your reading).

Please allow 3-5 working days (Mon-Fri) for your reading to be delivered.

  • Refund Policy

    These readings are non-refundable.

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