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Natal Chart Reading

Natal Chart Reading

60 minute 121 astrology reading via Google meet (just like zoom) or in person if local (Norfolk, UK) and requested at booking.


Friendly, professional and knowledgeable, Freyja has been a student of astrology since the age of 12 and loves to share the gifts of the stars with others ✨️


Decode the language of the stars as we explore your stellar Blueprint, as set at the time of your birth. We will discuss your Natal astrology plus Transits over the next 12 months, along with eclipses and the nodes.


Please provide: Date of birth, time of birth and location/ city of birth in the notes section of the booking page.


*Please note during the Access Astro sale period the booking schedule will be e-mailed to you soon after purchase, to schedule time and date of your booking*

  • Refund policy

    Full payment needed upon booking, no refund available for this session. However, a reschedule is available within 24 hours notice/ in case of emergencies.

    Live readings, either in person or virtually, require a comprehensive level of preparation time along with the live reading itself. If you do not enjoy the reading unfortunately I cannot refund you.

    Occasionally astrologers and clients clash, I will happily refer you on to another astrologer at request.

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