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A house for everyone

The houses are my favourite part of astrology, maybe that's because I'm Cancer rising and I love my shell, be it grand or modest, a place to call home is so important to me.

The houses in astrology are the homes for each side of your personality which, for the purposes of explaining things simply, there are 12. If you have planets living in these tents of your soul then the personality traits, or many faces of man, will be heightened here.

Let's hit each house and its meaning briefly:

1- me me me

2- mine mine, income, belongings, ownership

3- chatter chatter, thoughts, chatter

4- roots, roots, family-connection

5- create create, children, create. For the love of it

6- work work, service, work

7- balance, charm, balance, equilibrium

8- sex, death, sex, transform

9- travel, philosphise, literature

10- public domain, Queen; pauper; worker, status

11- friends, people, humanity, groups

12- unconscious, psyche, dreams, spirituality

It's rare to have planets in all of the houses and for many your planets will reside in select few, heightening these areas of life for you specifically throughout your lifetime.

For example, if you have Sun in Cancer you will be a natural caregiver, with a big heart and a need to provide comfort and nurture to those around you. If your sun in Cancer falls in the first house perhaps you are excellent at caring for yourself and allow your daily needs to be met always. If it fell in the second house perhaps you would earn your living through the caring profession, and you own many sentimental curiouse relating to your family, or nurturing hobbies, like plentiful baking equipment and tupperware.

So the houses add a flavour to the overall gateaux of your unique self: some will have cherries;×some will have chocolate sprinkles; and some will opt for no gaudy adornment at all, opting instead for a smooth, dark, chocolate frosting, minus any piping skills.

The houses are nothing to be intimidated by in astrology and are another great facet of the mystical art form, applying layers of deeper psychological understanding to each and every one of us.


Midheavenmoonrising x

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