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Pumpkin Spiced Equinox

Foreshadowed by pumpkin spiced lattes (thanks Seattle and your trusty chain of coffee shops) and cream mohair jumpers (other tones are available), the Cardinal Air sign, Libra (23/09/22-23/10/22) oversees the vast earthly changes visible in the trees, the soil and so much more right now.

Cardinal signs such as Libra activate the season changes (I think they might just be my favourite times of the year! Undecided if Spring or Autumn is better though, thoughts?)

As we cross the threshold of Summer into Autumn, daylight hours lessen inviting us to spend more time indoors. Literally and metaphorically, inward reflection as well as projection is high-powered at the time whilst we reep what we've previously sewn in Springtime.

Here, we see Venusion (of the senses, pleasure, fun) air (of the mind, logical, connecting) ruling our interactions and attempting to maintain harmony and decorum and dare I say, balance? (Cringe).

We are of the mind and of 'others,' in comparison to the 'self', (Aries season handles this domain) at this time.

The judge, Saturn is exalted in Libra meaning he is the honoured guest of the planet- "let them eat cake! And enjoy the free bar!".

Do you have Saturn in Libra? If you were born in the early-mid 80's it's likely.

Saturn in Libra summons this idea of Judgment, imagine that exact tarot card and its imagery for further insight into this multivalent word's etymology though we can expand a little here as well. There is a judge in a courtroom deciding someone's future and fate, in many respects and then there's the judgment of the seasons, the judgment of nature, the Celestial spheres and the universe!

At the Autumn equinox we are called upon a pedestal to assess the longevity of this year's harvest: how have we done? Did we gently and consistently tend to the fragile green shoots of baby root vegetables 6 months ago, so they could surge, flower, pollinate and assimilate sunlight and nutrients into food fit for animal and human consumption? Did we start enthusiastically but get bored of weeding? Leading onto stunted stem growth, less flowers and smaller earth treasures?

As we contemplate our actions taken the year thus far I invite you to book in for your personal eclipse reading to honour the upcoming Scorpio and Taurus eclipses this season.

You can find Eclipse Readings at the following link along with all of my other astrology reading offerings:

Have a sacred Autumn equinox and if anyone needs me I'll be queuing for my first Pumpkin Spice of the year, despite the fact I'm never even sure if I actually like them?

Freyja xxx

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