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Moon Glow, Ptolemy and tricky gestation.

Moon Glow, Ptolemy and tricky gestation.

Some years back now, co-inciding with a really tricky pregnancy that turned into a really tricky post-natal period I desperately wanted a solid set of the upcoming astrology, cosmological guidance even, that I could refer to at leisure, instead of waiting for transit Youtube videos or trawling the ephemeris (Astrologer's go-to text) trying to see a creative vision of the cosmos instead of just digits on a page un-blinking back at me.

ASTROLOGY ALMANAC: Astrological journal, workbook & planetary guide, seeds were sewn but it would be a few more years until I would find the perfect artist to work with, cue the most wonderful and creative Louise MacTaggart, of @phoenixfeathersart, check her out on Instagram, etsy and Facebook!

ASTROLOGY ALMANAC needed to be attractive. It has always felt like a no-brainer to me that astrology, the art of divination, mathematics and ancient science (it used to be considered as much a science as biology and physics before Ptolemy came along) needs to be aesthetically honoured like the coronation of a bejeweled ancient queen. Louise knows exactly how to honour the majesty of the Celestial spheres. Just check out how she makes the moon glow in her paintings and her way with light and colour, it is so much more than artistic skill, it is other worldly, inspired and divine.

ASTROLOGY ALMANAC 2024 heralds this process of honouring the stars each year, as we launch our PREMIER Astrological Journal, Workbook and Planetary Guide.

Current Digital format allows you to access Astrology year round, from your phone or digital device, frequently if not always in our pocket or nearby for quick ingress for curious minds.

With the ability to make notes, asterisk key upcoming dates, set new moon intentions and (I think this is my favourite bit) draw up your own birth chart or zoom into specific details of it with the 'My Monthly Notes & Important Transits', pages, one for every month, the digital planner keeps astrology a part of you, always.

If you really get into it there's a NEW digital booklet listed on my website, 'MY BIRTH CHARTS, ACCESS ASTROLOGY'. Creatively exploring your birth chart or those of the people around us has never been easier and more creatively immersive, imagine a sketch book for the planetarily minded!

Digital nomad? Crack out your digital Almanac and get those digi pens, highlighters and stamps rolling!

Ancient crafts lover? Either print this PDF file at home and select a beautiful file to store its pages in (file size is set to A5) or keep your eyes peeled for the launch of ASTROLOGY ALMANAC PHYSICAL FORMAT, in just a few weeks.

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