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Make your move

2 weeks to make your move!

*Mercury in Gemini 11th-26th June 2023*

Remember what starts as a mind-over-matter situation will ultimately resolve from your heart-over-your-head, or your gut instincts.

With Hermes (another name for Mercury) starting their journey, joined by the royal Sun, in the matching sign of changeable twins, Gemini, this transit delivers multiple options to solve the problem, early on.

The energy initiates mentally, with the Sun sharing the same sky space as Mercury. Culmination comes about once the Moon takes the crown as the Sun coronates the Moon at Summer solstice (northern hemisphere), bestowing intuition, emotions and memory into the picture.

23rd of June offers up some acute insight as an exalted moon in Virgo delivers on the fine tuning and practical tweaks to any written, spoken or social media plans.

Zodiac signs who may feel this transit more:

#Gemini, #Virgo, #Sagittarius, #Pisces (4x mutable signs) #Aquarius, #Libra (2 x other air signs along with Gemini) and #Cancer (the moon goddess herself)- activating tangible experience here on Earth.

So, get going NOW as we're already within this rapid transit of dignified rulers, luminary Kings and Queens changing places.

Be curious, be flexible and ultimately, choose from your gut, you can depend on it.

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