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Celestial Goddesses Rise Up

Astrology helps me organise my thoughts which leads to a stronger sense of knowing, acceptance and inner power. Do you relate to the symbolism of stars like in a similar way? Something I love so much about the planets is the way their interactions up in space and down here on earth help me to understand life with so much more detail and nuance. In light of the recent maternal/foetal health laws changing in the USA the planets are proving their significance in the way they are always right on time and perhaps even more telling than the story line already visible to us at any given moment.

Abortion is very real, has always been very real and is dangerous to deny. We can see this via phoenix style transiting Pluto, currently Retrograde in Capricorn- last time it was our freedom to leave our homes in a locked- down world, this time it's our freedom with our wombs- a bit like homes? Just sayin... No where do we see Plutonic symbolism more so right now than in the birth chart of modern day USA. In a Cancer-heavy natal chart as well as an exact Pluto return grinding into its 2nd exact return point, the USA chart (established on 4th July, at the declaration of independence) we look to our powerful, intelligent, magnificent asteroid goddesses for vision and momentum: *Black moon Lillith in Cancer *Ceres in Cancer*Pallas athena in Taurus Black moon Lillith is unapologetically rebellious and vengeful as well as connecting us to karmic challenges and betrayal. In the sign of Cancer all of her power and challenge is connected to motherhood, nourishment, nurture and protection. Ceres governs the seasons and is very linked with seed sewing, harvest and culmination, as well as drought, scarcity and restriction. Linked to the Persephone myth we are immediately placed in the underworld. The underworld of Cancer is the dark and fearful side of nourishment, protection and motherhood. Here lies pregnancy loss, poor access to poor quality healthcare and abortion. Cardinal zodiac signs such as Cancer look to initiate and start a-new. Cardinal water seeks to cause intuitive change, challenges outdated emotional patterning and feels its way through lived experience. This is a highly lunar energy due to the moon's dignity in Cancer. Pallas Athena in Taurus connects us with the physical body (our ultimate material gift) and the way we interact with this. Do we feel, feed and befriend our sacred vessel? Do we dissociate, disconnect, and deny our organ box? With all of the above linked with the US Pluto return next week, 4th July 2022 and in the dark of the recent new moon in Cancer, sewing her dark seeds of impactful contemplation, what fresh green shoots of utopia can we expect up ahead? The full moon in Cancer come 6th January 2023 will realign us with this power house of Ceres, Black moon Lillith and Pallas Athena and their uprising in global/ mundane astrology, shining a light on how these Celestial Goddesses have risen up and caused a new world of womanhood, feminine strength and resilience in the second half of 2022. Collectively we must go within ourselves,  peek at those dark spaces in between cells that alter our genetic coding, ask questions, intuit our responses and power up, like our female ancestors who went before us. Individually, we must find a new vision in our relationship with abortion and women's power.We must mother our mothers.We must mother ourselves. We are women. We are power.

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