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Fortune Progressing

Oxygen particles snoozing in the stillness of space and time,

As 4 irregular and turgid pillars encase your resting place:

"Here lies your bi-pedal legacy."

Piped in Broderie-anglais,

Stitched in textual Master-smithing,

Fastened in late maternity.

A lunar retreat,

Retiring from the pollination of vocation, into expanding retraction.

Immersing into stellar design,

Ancestral stardust populates

Hand-stitched cognition,

As the chunky marks of

Rainbow threads construct this life-long tapestry.

Luminous and timely progressed,

Her Zodiacal ruler catching a seed bead upon a Centaur,

Noting the next collection to be born.

Adorned in Royal astrology,

Your star gasps primarily.

Roots spreading like a mutable mess on the sewing room floor.

Fortune and fate now mapped in eternity.

Nourish your fate and fortune.

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1 Comment

i LOVE this poem Freyja!

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