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Full moon in Leo 

In a volatile world of emotions, politics and planetary uncertainty spiritual connection feels imperative right now. That is to say that it has probably always been this way but awakening at this time could not be more apt as the regular, daily, psychic-bombardment attempts to knock us from the apple tree, down to the earth beneath with a thud on the head as we hit branches on the way down. Planet-wise we prepare for a full moon in Leo on the 8th of February and mercury moves into Pisces perhaps clouding our understanding of earthly reality for a while, especially considering Neptune and venus remain with the waters of this mutable sign for some time still. The moon in her fullness can point out the star of the show, the star of your own show. Illuminations over the special ness of you can remind you to take stock of your own self-appreciation and self-love. Depending on the house placement in your own chart, ie, in the first house of the self or the second house of my possessions etc etc, this will allow some clue as to where your individual brightness will be unclouded, born to emit pure light and love from joy alone. Mercury causes confusion in communications as it stations retrograde early February. Pauses, set-backs, temporary disruptions can occur which can feel frustrating but there is always a purpose and often with mercury retrograde it is so that we can double check and then triple check that all of the information is in order and as we would like it to be and for other projects to wrap up towards a natural conclusion before any hasty leaps into the future. The creativity of you is the gift to basque in during this full moon. Blessings, from midheavenmoonrising xx

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