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Pluto forces a change

Pluto forces a change, a focus, a glint of sun in your eye through a gap in the blinds, no matter where you move to sit and try and ignore it. It breaks down. It crumbles. Let's not sugar coat, it kills.

Though it is necessary and can be death of a situation such as a relationship, work life, home environment, as well as death of those around you, it is guaranteed to be not all roses and daffodils. But it's the shit in the sewers bursting through the floor. It's inescapable. Yet it's real. 100%, unabridged truth.

When Pluto transits through your chart he seeks to blow torch the shit out of your life... Sounds extreme but it is ultimately (I say that tentatively as it really doesn't feel like it at the time) for a greater future, a better life, one free of previous restrictions, pains and darkness.

As we speak the Coronavirus is deep in the UK, so deep we are on lock down as a nation. It is coursing its merry way about the world with few countries left unaffected.

Whilst weakening many and killing some humans others are coming together and showing such love for the world and its inhabitants, more than I have ever known in my tiny life of 36 years.

This is Pluto.

This has been a long time coming and it is shocking that it has taken such a destruction for humanity to listen. But Pluto doesn't differentiate when you don't listen to him. If you choose to ignore his message he will make damned sure that you hear him through a loud hailer next time he hits, the kind you cannot escape, the kind atop a scrap metal vehicle, circling your house.

So we either work with him or fruitlessly against him.

If we listen to the earth, to nature and our humanity we will find that love, wisdom and kindness are the answer to everything. The generosity of spirit from the NHS is vastly humbling as health workers battle to keep sufferers alive. But the survivors of the virus are many, far greater than those that sadly have passed.

Humans can be wonderful and healing, kind and loving as long as we come together at these times of crises.

No one knows what the future holds for the UK and the world right now but it's got to be better than the shit we had gotten ourselves into so far.

Pluto is stripping back through quarantine of earth's human population. Yes, we cannot mingle and mix in person but there is the wonderful invention of social media which, when used wisely, when used to keep in touch with loved ones, to connect grandparents and grandchildren with each other, to connect children with parents and sisters with sisters, brothers with sisters, fathers and sons, the list is endless, it is a fantastic resource that right now is all we have. I'm reminded of that heart-warming, opening scene from Love Actually, families, humbly meeting each other in an airport, with only love and affection for one another.

What will come after this? A world filled with higher inherent empathy. A world filled with love. A world filled with a lot more babies most likely!

And through Pluto taking what he can for his underworld new life can be born on earth. Verdent shoots can dart through soil. Humans will find the strength to vocalise that which they were too scared to before.

Because in a crisis we cut back to basics, the basics of survival.

Alone we are nothing.

Together we are everything.

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