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Venus in Pisces 2020

What a beautiful time to connect with the earth's vibration and everybody and everything you value in your life.

The energies of transiting Pluto and Saturn, conjunct in Capricorn, exactly last Sunday, have created permanent change and rigid structure but could have been a positive thing to experience. Intense yes but life is now changed forever and it was a needed change, Pluto made damned sure you learnt it the hard way, more so if you tried to avoid him, he has this way of pushing you to your deepest depths (he is on my Mercury and the way I communicate is permanently changed now, I can't NOT speak (mercury) my truth (pluto)). I've also felt a calling to embrace the spirituality that has nourished me all my life but I've been too cautious to share with the world for fear of judgment...

... But I'm here and I'm ready!

It wasn't a simple, light hearted transit with those outer planets but now for some light relief with inner planet Venus and her ability to take a break from this earthly plane. Take a long bath with salts and candles. Read your favourite book. Delve into a canvas with your primary pigments and create for the sake of creating. Collectively we can use Venus in Pisces to share deep healing to those who need it most. Meditate upon the Moon (Pisces) tarot card, and the Heirophant (Taurus) to connect with the beauty of earth and beyond. Acts of self care send out positive vibrations to all so water your plants, bake a cake, embroider your purse: whatever does it for you on a venusian level, indulge and take a breather.

Further planetary intensity is coming so don't feel bad about taking down time when it is offered.

We are all in this together and we can GET THROUGH THIS! These alignments are a gift for us to develop this world, physically and spiritually for future races. Think beyond this earthly plane and get lost in your dreams for a while.

Peace and love, Midheavenmoonrising xx

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